Like millions of tourists flocking to Bali every year, you will definitely be arriving and departing from Ngurah Rai International Airport (DPS) located in Denpasar by air travel. The airport has a plethora of food and drink choices, but if you are specifically looking to get lounge access, there are 2 lounges located in the international terminal which grant complimentary access to Priority Pass/LoungeKey holders.

Both lounges are located side by side on the mezzanine level after passing through immigration and duty-free stores. The first lounge you’d come across after exiting the elevators would be the T/G Lounge, right next to it would be the Premier Lounge. Both lounges do also serve as a 3rd party lounge for premium passengers on various airlines apart from accepting Priority Pass access, but in my personal opinion I would suggest you skip the Premier Lounge as it is severely underwhelming in terms of food and decor as compared to the T/G Lounge.

T/G Lounge & Premier Lounge side by side.
Let’s take a look inside.

After getting our credentials and access sorted at the front desk, we were each given a wifi pass on a slip of paper which also works as a drink coupon for either 3 glasses of wine or beer. All other sorts of beverages such as juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea are unlimited. There’s also an option for hard liquor and cocktails which incur additional costs to be paid at the bar.

When you enter you will immediately see the bar and the coffee station on the left hand side, with the bathrooms further ahead. To the right is where you will find the dining area, the buffet, cooking station, and plenty of seating options available. At the end of the room is where you’d find a massage area tucked into a corner right after walking through the little business centre against the wall.

The bar area.
Chef whipping up some omelettes.
Definitely getting myself a plate with everything.
Swirly golden goodness.

The food selection was pretty decent, with plenty of hot options to choose from considering it was during late breakfast/brunch time. There were plenty to choose from in the pastry section, salad bar, hot soup, the omelette cooking station, fried chicken, and much more. It wasn’t overbearingly crowded, but people started to pour in when it was closing in to noon.

Pastries, drinks and tidbits.
Assorted nuts.
Salad bar on ice.
Fruit basket.
Hot snacks and soup.
Breaded crispy fried chicken.
Assorted doughnuts and muffins.
Flake croissants.
Brunch is served.
Beautifully presented cappuccino.

Towards the end of the dining area is where you find comfortable seating arrangements, be it on a dining table, comfortable benches against the wall, or just the single seater sofa. The space caters towards all types of travellers be it a solo holiday maker or a group/family escape. If you have time to squeeze in a massage session, look out for the room tucked into a corner shielded by string curtains.

Walk through the buffet section to get to the sofa area.
Mini business centre.
Comfortable benches against the walls.
A small massage/spa area tucked into a corner.
A little reading area next to the massage chairs.

Overall, I’d rate this lounge pretty highly. I’d give it an 8/10, both of my visits over the last couple of months here were pretty pleasant, and it didn’t get too crowded. Plus, any airport lounge that serves unlimited handcrafted coffee beverages gets a gold star from me.