With over an hour to spare before boarding begins for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur, I decided to hit up the Menzies Aviation Lounge located in Terminal 1 of Václav Havel Airport (PRG). I wasn’t expecting much as it was a 3rd party lounge which admits passengers in who hold a Priority Pass & LoungeKey membership. All I really wanted was a good cup of coffee and some snacks before the long ride back home to Malaysia.

The lounge entrance looked a little dubious when I arrived, but with the allure of free coffee I headed in. After sorting out my admittance, my immediate first impression of the space was that it was cosy. One of the smaller lounges I’ve stepped foot in, but none the less it was perfect as there were only 3 people and it was peaceful and quiet.

A very dimly lit low key entrance.

With a quick scan of the lounge I saw that it was divided up into 3 sections. The dining room area, the ‘lounging’ area and also the mini business centre near the entrance that had a couple of computers to work on. What would be the best feature of the space was that it had full length windows for a great view out to the apron.

Front desk.
iMac work stations.
Views of the airport.
Dining area.
An empty lounge.

Another thing that I liked about this lounge is that most of the lounge chairs have high dividers making it seem a little more private even though there were no gaps between them. Each individual seat also comes with a built-in power socket situated underneath the arm rest right next to the legs which also has an adjustable coffee/laptop side table.

Mini lounging area with single and double seats.
Relatively good use of space.
More lounge chairs.
Individual power sockets in each seat.
Located right at the end of the lounge are seats for larger groups.
It feels like a tiny co-working office space.
Armchairs by the windows.

The food options in this lounge were pretty underwhelming. There were some fruit laid out, sliced bread, cold waffles, cereal, and some trail mix. The only hot meals that were available were packaged powdered soup. Alcohol selection, on the other hand, was aplenty in comparison to the food offerings. Assorted beer and lager in the cooler and liquor is laid out on the shelves above the cereals.

Thankfully what I really wanted was coffee, and there were 2 self serve cappuccino/espresso machines sandwiching a soda fountain.

Lots of apples.
Trail mix and cereal.
Sliced bread.
Instant soup.
Espresso to go.
2 cups please.

The lounge was a pretty decent place to spend an hour in. The lack of people due to my early morning flight was much appreciated. I’d probably visit again if access was complimentary thanks to Priority Pass, but I’d probably skip it if I had to pay to enter. You can grab a cup of coffee with probably better hot food options in one of the cafes located within the terminal.

QR 290 to Doha.