Have miles, will travel.

ITC Hotels Green Lounge (New Delhi)

After a hectic 6 day trip touring around the golden triangle of India, we’re once again back at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Being able to stretch our legs felt so good after the gruelling 6 hour drive from Jaipur back to Delhi. We eagerly unloaded our luggage from the van and thanked Mr Honey for being such a great driver/host to us during our time in India. As we stumbled to find our way into Terminal 3, we were stopped at the entrance where the security guard demanded to see a boarding pass before letting us in. So make sure you have a digital/hard copy with you, otherwise you’d find it extremely troublesome getting yourself inside the terminal. Since we arrived 4 hours ahead of departure, the check in desks for our flight back home to Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia Airlines weren’t open. The information desk informed us it will only open 3 hours ahead of departure, bummer.

At the 3 hour mark we were done with grabbing some coffee at a nearby cafe and headed to the check in desk. There was already a pretty long line at the Malaysia Airlines counter, there were some people who sat on the ground and formed a queue, thankfully the business class check in counter was empty. With our bags dropped off, boarding passes and lounge passes in hand it was time to head on through to immigration and security checks.

Lounge pass.

The queue for immigration was such a nightmare, people were shoving and pushing around and ignoring the lines. Luckily there were 2 counters dedicated for premium passengers which was a sigh of relief. After getting our passports stamped, there was also a lane dedicated for first/business class passengers to get through security with almost no one in line.

Passport control.
Premium security lane.

The ITC lounge is located on level 3 in terminal 3 of Indira Gandhi International Airport, nestled right next to the Plaza Premium Lounge and a short walk away from the Air India lounge. Most of the airlines departing from this airport travelling in premium cabins or have status with an airline would probably be directed to this lounge, which also happens to allow access if you have a Priority Pass or Lounge Key membership. Upon arriving we were greeted graciously at the reception and handed wi-fi vouchers before being shown in to the lounge. It was a pretty nice area, a square space which isn’t too large or small but packed with all the essentials you might need for a few hours wait. As you enter you would see private seating areas all around with a business centre and 2 random massage chairs in the middle of the lounge which have probably seen better days. There is also a single shower stall in the bathroom if you need to use it, just inform the staff before hand for towels and bath amenities.

Big welcoming smiles.
View of the entire lounge from the entrance.
Massage chairs which have seen better days.
Mini business centre.
Partitioned seating areas.
Drinks ahead.
Pleasant place to be in due to the lack of people.
Private seating corners.

Right at the back of the lounge is where you’d find the dining area. Split into 2 sections the drinks and food area adorned with high bar stools for countertop dining. Alcoholic beverages and hard liquor would be on the left side of the lounge, and the right side is where you’d get all your hot food/snacks/desserts. The food options weren’t that amazing, but it was adequate. At least the coffee machine makes a strong cup of latte which is much appreciated.

Alcoholic beverages.
A pretty decent variety.
Chilled wine.
Hot options.
Rice, noodles & soup.
Small bites.
Hot pastries.

The lounge was actually quite pleasant. It was quiet and the staff were always smiling, though they cheekily asked for a tip when they cleared our dishes which I found to be a little odd. After spending almost 2 hours here it was almost time to head off. With a couple more photos we wrapped up our time in the ITC Hotels Green Lounge. If you have time and arrive early at the airport it would be a great place to hang out and get away from the noise outside, but I wouldn’t recommend getting here early on purpose just to visit it.

My friends getting a little too comfortable.
View of the lounge from the back.
Nice and quiet.
Working hard on Instagram.

Thank you for the wonderful and hectic times India! Next up, the adventure back home to Kuala Lumpur on our midnight flight with Malaysia Airlines.

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