At the end of 2017, the Air France – KLM sky lounge in Suvarnabhumi airport reopened its doors after a couple of months of refurbishment. I’ve only visited this lounge once prior to the overhaul and it looked pretty dated. Now with its polished new Instagram friendly look, it feels like an actual nice proper area where you’d want to spend some time in before your flight. Complimentary entry to this lounge is extended to all passengers flying in premium cabins with Skyteam airlines, and also to anyone who holds a Priority Pass. Economy class passengers flying with Air France & KLM can also purchase a day pass which comes at a fee of 1000 Baht.

The Air France KLM lounge is located in concourse F of the airport which is somewhat nearby the Oman Air lounge as well, which also offers complimentary access with a Priority Pass. The airport is also littered with Miracle lounges everywhere, but personally I feel the Air France & Oman Air lounges are slightly better if you’re looking to gain complimentary access with your Priority Pass.

Entrance to the Sky Lounge.
Skyteam access.
Front desk.
Looks so much better than before.
Skyteam fleet.

After exchanging pleasantries with the receptionist and grabbing a wifi code at the front desk, it was time to hit the buffet. From what I last remembered the food offerings were actually pretty decent, lots of varieties and they even had individually baked lasagna in tiny aluminium trays, and I do love pasta.

Turning right the moment you leave the front reception brings you to the dining area. I had the entire area to myself, which means I get to photograph everything without bothering anyone. There is a stand alone island in the middle of the dining hall, that’s where you’d find most of the hot options and little snacks. Surrounding it would be the drink station, where you’d find your juices, soft drinks, and alcohol counter. There’s also a little soup area and automated pancake maker which pops out fluffy pancakes.

Table for 1 please.
View from the back of the lounge.
Let’s go check out the spread.
Smells good so far.
Little bites everywhere.
Little bowls of som tam.
Tangy green papaya salad.
Drink station on the left.
Wine and liquor.
Pretty well stocked.
The pancake maker! I need one of these.

The food and drink selection in this lounge definitely did not disappoint, it felt like step up with the new decor and ambiance that they put into the refurbishment, well done! The pasta and little bites I had were pretty good too. Plus, the waiters would magically appear and disappear without you even noticing, I only realised someone was around when my plates were cleared. I would definitely recommend coming here for a bite prior to your flight if you have time. The meals on offer are worth dropping by for, especially if you have an unlimited access with your Priority Pass.

At the centre area of the lounge is where you’d find the dessert station with a small beverage section consisting of tea and coffee. There’s an espresso machine, hot water dispenser and a selection of tea bags. Included next to it would be some local Thai desserts, assorted cakes and pastries. There’s a little dining table for that section, which has USB ports & power sockets located underneath the table for each of the 6 bar stools. A good place to chow down on sweets and recharge your gadgets.

The walkway to the lounging area.
Little dining table for desserts.
View of the dining hall from the dessert station.
Reading materials.
Seats half a dozen pax.
Grabbing a cappuccino.
Luk chup and pound cake!
One of my favourite thai desserts.
Creme brûlée.

If you continue on walking straight past the dessert station, you’d find yourself in the lounging area. Plush sofas taking up every corner, lined up against the walls with your very own side table with a lamp, which also comes equipped with a power socket located in the middle of the square table. Right at the end of the lounge is where you’d find a little business centre which has 2 computers, and if you continue looking in all the corners you’d soon find yourself in a quiet area where they have 2 rather large and comfy massage chairs.

Lots of seating options.
You can peer down at the F concourse area at the back.
Some peace and quiet.
No one to be seen.
Musical chairs.
Business centre located in a quiet corner at the end.
I had the whole area to myself.
Massage chairs.
45 minutes to go till my flight back home.

Overall I left the lounge with a full belly and really good impression, they really did do up the space pretty nicely. So many things to like about it, good service, friendly receptionists, tasty food, and the best part is there was probably less than 10 people inside with me the entire time. Somehow it was also equally as empty on my last visit if I remembered correctly. I’d highly recommend heading here to hangout & grab a bite while waiting for your flight out of Bangkok.