As we trudged our way through the fluffy thick carpets of Changi Airport at 5:30am with our zombie like faces, I asked myself was the 8am flight to Tokyo worth the wake up call at 4:30am that the reception at the Ambassador Transit Hotel gave us. Without even answering my own question it was time to find the SilverKris lounge in terminal 3 for a good cup of coffee to wake me up from this morning daze. The SilverKris lounge is located in the same area as all the Singapore Airlines lounges are located at, if you are passing right after immigration in Terminal 3, take a left and you’ll find signboards pointing you in the right direction.

Up the escalators we went, and there we were at a familiar sight again, the SilverKris lounge. After handing over our boarding passes for verification, down the little hallway we went, but this time instead of turning right into the First Class/The Private Room area, we turned left into the business class section of the lounge. Ahhhh….good old memories of flying in Suites came rushing back, together with silly thoughts greedily inhaling in as much food as we can in The Private Room almost a year ago. They had free flow lobster, don’t judge. Now let’s go check out the SilverKris business class lounge and see how that compares.

Take a left.
The walkway after entering the lounge.

Right after entering the lounge, you’d come across a walkway, where if you turn left you’d be headed into the general lounge area with plenty of seating options, or you could turn right and head to the dining area. Coffee was our first priority that morning, a right turn it is.

Marbled bar top tables.

Thankfully the dining area wasn’t as crowded at the seating area this morning, I can already smell the food that was wafting out of the buffet area and it was glorious. Plus the scent of freshly brewed coffee started to perk me up a little. The friendly staffs tending to the area were all smiles, wishing us good morning when they walked by, what a great way to start breakfast.

Early birds with their breakfast.
A proper table dining option, if you don’t fancy eating on the countertops.
A dedicated section just for tea.
Glorious coffee station.
The view from my table while having my first cup of coffee.
Cappuccino, also known as life.

The dining area was pretty extensive, it looked way bigger than what I had expected before coming in. Options range from having a laksa station, to a continental breakfast area, bread station, assorted noodles and pasta, a dim sum area, congee with assorted toppings, fruits and cheese, desserts, and so much more. Juices and drinks were located at the back of the dining area where you can help yourself. Champagne on the other hand, is by request. Not that I wanted to drink at 6am in the morning, I just happened to stumble across the little print out that stated that.

Centre island, dim sum station.
Singaporean noodles, laksa and pasta station.
4 marble countertops to grab grub from.
Kids meals are available too on request.
Morning carbs .
Another cup of coffee to go along with my Chinese dessert, and 4 small cakes.
Chilled longan and date dessert.
Cakes at 7am.

I tried to pace myself at the lounge because I told myself to save my tummy for the ever famous Hanakoireki bento set that’s only served on flights to and from Japan with Singapore Airlines in business class. That plan failed, by 7am I ate 4 plates from the buffet. Didn’t regret it one bit, the mee siam and cakes were absolutely heavenly. With another 20 minutes left to kill, It was time to explore the other parts of the lounge to see what is it like for the non eaters.

The lounge was absolutely massive, the largest I’ve probably ever come across so far that had such a huge capacity for seats sprawled out in a single floor. Little corners where you’d get a business centre or the back-end of the lounge is where you’d find a little bar and coffee station, seats by the window overlooking terminal 3, or you could just plonk yourself in front of the many TVs or pick up a book/magazine in the literature corner.

Quiet area at the back of the lounge, with the bar on the right side.
USB ports and power charging sockets aplenty.
It’s so quiet and empty you could nap peacefully here.
Catching up on the news.
Secondary coffee and tea station at the back of the lounge, next to the bar.
Window seats overlooking terminal 3 down below.

What I absolutely love about this lounge is the ample space and seating options it offers its guests, and also the buffet area was amazing and had a huge variety to cater to all sorts of dietary needs. It was almost as good as the Koru Lounge in Auckland, which is a huge compliment in my opinion. The bathrooms had ample of amenities should you need to take a shower or just freshen up. The only downside I could think of is the lack of natural lightning in the lounge. It felt a little sombre, with the very yellow and dark earthy tones all around. Despite the lounge showing it’s age, which could do with some sprucing up, it still is one of the nicer lounges out there. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nothing to complain about, it’s totally comfortable but perhaps, a new image to move on with the times.

Last coffee of the day before leaving.

With my last cup of coffee (3rd one for that morning), it was finally time to make our way down to our gates, to catch our flight to Tokyo on SQ 632. I was a little bouncy and excited thinking about the flight, as it would be my first time on board an Airbus A350, yay! Guess that wiped off the zombie morning face I had being woken up at 4:30am.