Have miles, will travel.

Flight Club by Plaza Premium Group (Kuala Lumpur)

If you ever find yourself hungry and wandering around Kuala Lumpur International Airport before catching your outbound flight, there’s a cafe/lounge called the Flight Club that might be worth checking out. Inspired by herbs and seeds as their motto states, it’s basically a health joint to refuel on healthy drinks, snacks and meals. It operates round the clock 24 hours in the satellite terminal of KLIA. You can get there right after taking the aerotrain from the main terminal. After disembarking the aerotrain head on to the first floor, it is right opposite the Plaza Premium Lounge, just right above the Bodyshop.

The flight club isn’t exactly a lounge, but leans more towards a cafe/restaurant. I only call it a lounge because credit cards issued by certain banks in Malaysia grants you access into this place, where you can stay for a couple of hours guzzling down complimentary drinks and chowing on the buffet spread they provide. If you do not have access via credit cards, you can also just pop in for a meal and treat it like a regular cafe where you pay for what you have. They have a pretty extensive menu consisting of healthy options like cold pressed juices, to roast chicken, pastas and an array of salads. The flight club does not provide facilities such as shower rooms, or business centres, so if you’re heading here, just know that it’s just purely for the food. They do have ample of USB ports and power plugs scattered around the dining area though, so catching up on work here could be productive as the place is barely full and quiet most of the time. Oh, the Priority Pass Card is not accepted here (as of Jan 2018).

The flight club.
Entrance into the cafe.
Main area after entering.
Buffet spread on the table and kitchen view. Flight information on the right side.

After entering the staff did tell us a few times that no boarding announcements will be made for flights. It would be up to us to keep up to date with boarding times, gate changes or delays and that the flight information would only be available on the tv screen at the entrance of the Flight Club. Time to check out the cafe and see what’s on offer today!

Quite a cosy little place.
Congee, rice & pasta dishes.
A much more pleasant environment than the busy PPL across the hall.
Salad bar looking right at the Plaza Premium lounge.
Healthy options.
Assorted salad and cold options.

The cafe also has a coffee station, juice bar and a regular bar. Entry with selected credit cards allow for complimentary coffee, soft drinks, and beer. Meanwhile juices and liquor are chargeable as per the menu dictates. There’s table service for drinks, or you can also walk up to the drink station and pick up your own order when it’s ready.

The bar.
Coffee & tea station.

The dining area is divided up into 3 sections. There are individual tables by the windows, large marble slab work stations with USB ports and power plugs, and the front and back it’s mostly sofa areas to accommodate larger groups or families. The view out the windows on the tarmac are on the quieter side of the airport, but it’s almost guaranteed that you’d see a Malaysia Airlines A380 parked there, sometimes even 2 together facing each other.

Window and centre seats.
Not very busy, a pleasant place to be.
The back area of the lounge.
Comfy sofas and arm chairs.
Table for 2.
Coffee and planes.

I would highly recommend coming here over the perpetual crowded Plaza Premium Lounge, unless you need to grab a shower, or have lounge access to other parts of the airport. Even if it’s just for a cup of coffee it’s certainly better than what you’d get over at Starbucks where you’d have to fight over to get a spot to sit down.  Food here is actually pretty decent, the paid a la carte options on the menu are even better. I remembered having fish and chips that came with hand cut fries a while ago, and it was delicious. Now, time to grab a cup of coffee or three before heading to the boarding gates.

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