When someone mentions the island of Bali, you immediately think of the chaotic streets of Kuta town, the party beaches of Seminyak, or the lush green artsy village of Ubud. This time around, I’ll be tagging along with my parents and their friends to a not so busy side of Bali island known as Candidasa, where we would be spending the next 1 week. After grabbing our bags at the airport and meeting up with our driver, we were shuttled along to endure a slow and winding 1 hour 45 minute car ride to the eastern side of the island, where we would be staying at Rama Candidasa Resort & Spa.

Right after checking in we were offered cold towels & a refreshing welcome drink. I eagerly headed straight for the pool after settling in to see if the pictures of it were as accurately as depicted on Tripadvisor, they were even better in real life.

The gorgeous walkway to the pool and hotel restaurant.
Beautiful weather for a dip! Wished my room were one of the bungalows facing the beach.
Having the place all to myself.
Predicting lazy days ahead.

I realised that I didn’t take any pictures of the room that I was staying in. The resort isn’t all that new, but the maintenance was excellent. The hotel bathroom could have given more amenities than the bare bones of just a bar soap on the sink area, I wasn’t that impressed, but the beds were comfortable, and house keeping was on point. After napping for a few hours it was time to head out to the little town of Candidasa to hunt for dinner at a nearby restaurant.

The cutest miniature clay satay burner ever.

Breakfast the next day at the Garpu restaurant was spectacular. The fluffiest french toast I ever chanced upon. You get to order 2 main dishes off the a la carte menu, and the buffet section was where you would stuff your face with unlimited pastries, cereal, fruits and juices. Without fail, everyday 1 out of the 2 dishes I ordered off the menu, was french toast which came with grilled bananas and bacon. It was that good.

Table with a sea view? Yes please.
Pastries & coffee to start my morning with.
Oatmeal with berry compote after that carbo fest.
Breakfast for 2.

After gulping down my third cup of coffee, it was time to call it quits and retreat to the pool side to take a walk around the resort to burn off that 2000 calorie breakfast. Probably followed by a swim after that.

The ledge that protrudes outwards over the sea.
Had the swimming pool all to myself that afternoon !

After that quick dip it was time to launch Wanda to the skies (my drone) to get a view of what the surroundings of the hotel and area were like, and oh my gosh, were they gorgeous. Went to find a cute little quiet spot by the corner of the resort and let her fly.

Got myself comfy on the day beds where I flew Wanda.
Rama Candidasa right in the middle of the picture with the bright blue pool.
Paddy fields on the right side of the resort, just by the beach front.
Just miles and miles of pristine beaches. Such a gorgeous day.
Tranquility as far as the eye can see.

After landing Wanda, I decided to go for a quick workout at the gym, but it was full. So much for burning more calories. My mom then went on to do some activities that the resort offered, such as basket weaving that took place by the pool. Pretty much everyday was the same routine for that relaxing and lazy one week, with the exception of day trips out to Tulamben & Padang Bai where my parents went scuba diving for a couple of days. I found it hard to leave the resort and head out to be honest, everyone was so nice and allure of lounging by the pool doing nothing was intense.

The only downside to staying at this resort would be the beaches, it isn’t exactly a beach front hotel where you could go swimming in, surfing, kayaking or snorkelling, due to the constant high tides, rough waves and rock filled shores, with the exception of sunset where the tide would get low enough for you to be able to walk on for a couple of hours. I suppose you could always get a car ride to other parts of the island for that, but Candidasa caters to a different sort of beach front unique in its own ways.

Quick shot with the Mavic on the shores of the hotel during low tide.
Greeted by beautiful sunsets every evening.

The resort looks equally stunning in the night as it does during day time. After one late night dinner, I felt a little restless and decided to walk around the property to get some shots, with nobody around at all most of the time, it made getting the shot much easier. Probably my favourite picture that I snapped would have to be the one I took of the swimming pool on one of the nights.

View of the pool & Garpu restaurant on a windy night.
The gigantic lobby leading to the library.
The walkway leading back to the rooms.

Candidasa is a place to definitely consider staying if your intent on visiting Bali would be to get some peace and quiet versus the hustle and bustle of Kuta town. The serenity is almost as comparable to Ubud, with the exception of having a beach front and sea view to enjoy. Would I come back to this resort? Definitely! I would also strongly suggest anyone else to look no further, as you will have a hard time checking out just like we did after our 1 week stay came to an end at this beautiful and charming property.