Right after gorging myself silly in the Koru lounge, I reluctantly acknowledge it was finally time to head to gate 16 to catch my flight back to Singapore. The 10 minute walk to the boarding area made me feel a little sad that my adventure in New Zealand had come to an end so quickly, but also I got pretty excited at the thought that it would be my first time flying in business class with Singapore Airlines on board the Boeing 777-300ER. She was quite a sight, as I peeked out the windows to take a look at my ride back home. She isn’t quite as gigantic as the Airbus A380 that flew me to New Zealand, but I’m sure it would be an amazing flight.

There she is, SQ 286.
Up close with the Boeing 777-300ER. #Spotless

Before we knew it, an announcement was made inviting passengers to board Singapore Airlines flight 286 back to Singapore. Boarding process was smooth and organised, with the friendly flight attendants greeting us at the door, she put on a huge smile on her face as she took me to my seat. “Mr Khoo, this way please to seat 11K”

My space for the next 10.5 hours, seat 11K.

Within minutes after getting comfortable in my seat I was approached by one of the friendly Singapore girl for my choice of pre departure beverage. She cheerfully addressed me by name and asked if I would like some champagne or any other beverage of choice. It was weird, I was quite certain I wanted to say “I’d love a coke zero”, but instead I uttered “sure, champagne sounds great!”. Guess I just wanted to feel fancy.

The entire row 11.
I’m loving how spacious the seat is.

I was glad the bulkhead seat by the window was available when I made the redemption. Not that I’m that tall or anything, but I’d love to be able to be able to stretch out in all directions while staying seated. Having read reviews before on how the narrow the foot well feels when the seat turns into a bed, I’m happy to report no such issues in row 11K. I could barely touch the wall, then again I’m just 5 feet 7, lol.

Air New Zealand Boeing 777-200ER outside the window.
Virgin Australia Boeing 737

Right after boarding was completed, the crew started making preparations for take off. I keep saying this to myself, but the view of New Zealand above, no matter where you are in the country is just spectacular. Right after taking off, I think I took close to 50 photos as we climbed into the skies. Can’t help it, the surroundings were just breathtaking.

If it was a sunny day, I bet this photo would have been even more spectacular. Goodbye Auckland !
What a view !

Right after the seatbelt sings came off, it was time to take a look at the menu for the day. Unfortunately the “Book The Cook” service isn’t available departing from New Zealand. Let’s take a look on what’s being offered on the flight.

Is it time to eat?

On the flight to Auckland I was lucky enough to experience how it was like flying in Singapore Airlines Suites, the amount of food that kept coming was pretty overwhelming, in a good sense. Variety and options were endless, let’s see how their business class holds up. Right after taking my orders, she proceeded to hand out some goodies. The usual eye mask and socks, anything else would be provided for in the lavatory.

The meal commenced with their signature satay service.

Having been away in New Zealand for 2 weeks did make me miss food from home a little, I didn’t high expectations for the satay dish, but I was pleasantly surprised at how flavourful & juicy they were. Gotta give it to SQ, they did a pretty good job flavour wise.

Next up, the appetiser dish. Parma ham, mozzarella with tomatoes, red pepper, olives with balsamic dressing.
Garlic bread & cheese roll.
Grilled beef fillet in green peppercorn sauce served with vegetables.

As delicious as the steak looked tasted, mine was quite overdone. It was pretty tough for me to chew on, plus having braces on didn’t really help. I requested the flight attendant if it was possible to get another dish instead. She apologised profusely, although it was not her fault. She came back with the menu and suggested I try the ayam goreng kecap. It sounded pretty good, but it was an ok dish, nothing too memorable but way easier to chew on than the steak.

The lady next to me, barely touched her steak as well. Not sure if she found it too hard as I did.
Ayam goreng kecap. Fried chicken in sweet soy sauce served with vegetables and steamed rice.

Next up, dessert time. My favourite course in every meal service. For today they had an option of mango mousse or pistachio ice cream. I cheekily asked if I could have both, and put on the biggest smile I could, she obliged and said she would come back with the ice cream right after placing down the delicious block of mango mousse on my tray table. Score ! Double desserts after a mediocre main course should make up for it.

Mango & mascarpone mouse with toasted coconut.
One scoop of pistachio ice cream with berry compote.

I normally don’t eat this much, but then again it’s better than having to go hungry on a 10.5 hour flight. She also came back with a cheese plate & served some melon as well. After 30 minutes she made rounds and headed back with a box of pralines, insisting i try a few. Nope I couldn’t go on anymore. Food coma was already on high alert as I slumped back on the seat shoving in the last piece of melon, praying the buttons on my pants don’t pop open.

Cheese plate with crackers and fruit.

Mr Khoo could I get you anything else? she uttered as she cleared away the plates. Coffee? cappuccino? tea? OH ! I could do with a cappuccino please. Certainly.

Illy cappuccino.

So it is safe to assume that they also overfeed passengers in business class as they do in suites/first class. With a stuffed belly, I knew it was a matter of time before I started falling into a food coma. I guess the flight attendant noticed my eyes lids drooping heavily and came by to offer to make my bed. Yes please! Upon returning from the lavatory, my bed was all made up.

Time to test out how comfy this is.
Ample amount of space here. It’s sleepy time.

It took a little while to get comfortable, the pillows were kinda of flat, but my main concern would be that the bed was a little too hard to feel all that comfy. I thought it was just me, but after looking it up on google it looks like I’m not the only one who think so. It’s a small issue, but I’d rate it 6/10 in terms of comfort. I eventually fell asleep for a solid 4 hours before waking up. After binge watching a couple of episodes of Modern Family, it was time to eat again.

Salmon & artichoke salad to start with.
Always say yes to bread.
The flight attendant highly recommended the braised pork dish with polenta and vegetables, it was amazing.
Ending the meal with a chocolate mousse.

Probably the best dish of the flight would be the braised pork. It tasted dreamy, if ever that could be used to describe food. After having another cup of coffee the captain made an announcement that we soon would be landing in Changi international airport, Singapore. It was a good flight, I wasn’t feeling as reluctant to leave the plane like how I felt when I flew to Auckland in Suites. I blame it on the hard bed, lol. All in all, it’s a solid hard product, just a little bit more padding on the bed would do it some good.

We soon started our descend into Singapore, as my 10.5 journey came to an end. I could hear a little girl in first class asking her mom “mommy are we home?” Her mom replied “yes dear we are, mommy needs a shower”.

Looking for a parking spot.