Since I was departing from Auckland with Singapore Airlines on business class, an invitation was extended to use their newly renovated Air New Zealand Koru lounge in Auckland airport. Pictures already look really promising when I googled it, so with 2 hours to kill before SQ 286 departs for Singapore, it was time to go check out the lounge to have a meal or two, or maybe three.

Right after our shuttle dropped us off at the entrance of the international terminal, it was just a 3 minute walk to the check in counters. With an early arrival at Auckland airport, there were no passengers in line checking in, which was great because I couldn’t stop thinking about breakfast, and how I needed a cup of coffee badly. After getting our boarding passes, it was on to hunt for the lounge.

Hello Singapore girls !

Finding the lounge proved somewhat difficult for me, probably because of the hunger pangs, or maybe it was the lack of sleep of staying up all night trying to take in Auckland as much as I can before departing the city. Click here for a map to the lounge for whoever that reads. Right after locating it and heading up the escalators, behold the Koru lounge all decked in black.

Koru lounge Auckland international terminal.

With a very friendly and positively beaming attendant at the door, she let me in after scanning my tickets at the desk, and said I should head on over and grab a bite before it starts to get busy in an hour or so. Kia ora to you too !

The bar.

First thing in sight, was the very long and well stocked bar counter. Probably no one seated there because it was a little too early to be drinking at 11am. The scent of coffee filled the air with each step I took towards to the dining area, gotta get me a cup before I could operate properly for the day.

View of the bar from the side.
Great window view of the tarmac from the seated bar area.
Charging and work station right behind the bar.

One thing I noticed about the space is that it has so many different areas to lounge in. There was the dining area, bar area, outdoor garden, indoor day beds, and so many more quirky corners. Couldn’t wait to go explore, grab a bite and plonk myself in one of the many day beds available right before the outdoor garden area.

Semi private day beds.
Comfy arm chairs.
Autumn themed corner.

The scent of freshly brewed coffee decided where I was going to be headed next, the dining area. It was absolutely stunning in my opinion, the beautiful long white tables, and perfectly aligned buffet area followed by a second counter where a chef could prepare you a few selected options made to order. Also, the 12 panel LCD display at the wall was just gorgeous. Who wouldn’t want to see sakura flowers while feasting on 3 scones. The selection was quite generous, from a bread station, a salad bar, hot dishes and to several desserts. Service was professional and prompt, plus the food tasted as good as they looked. The asian selection was particularly delicious in my opinion.

The long dining table, with the buffet and chef station at the back.
Minimalistic kitchen set up.
Chef busy at work.
Serving up some made to order tortilla wraps.
Bread & soup station.
Cheese selection.
Dessert & cold options.
What a lovely space to dine in.
New Zealand fern.

At the rate that I gobbled up 3 plates of food down, it was a matter of minutes before I knew I would be falling into a food coma. It was now time to make a move and take a rest at one of the many day beds at the corner of the lounge. After grabbing another cup of coffee, I decided to make the day bed my next spot to laze at for the next 45 minutes I had to spare. It wasn’t as comfortable as it looked or as I had hoped it to be, the padding was just a little hard for my liking, but it certainly felt like a luxury to be able to lay flat down and just sip coffee after a large meal.

It was hard trying to stay awake.
Tickets and coffee.

Before leaving I spared about 5 minutes checking out the outdoor garden area. I did not know it had such a great view of the tarmac from this area, otherwise I would have probably just sat here and look at planes come and go. There were rattan swings, vertical gardens, plush arm chairs, and a great dining table with a view out the window to boost.

Plenty of seating options.
Indoor greenery.
American Airlines Boeing 787.
Battle of the skies. AA, UA, HU, TG & NZ. What a delightful view.

It was now time to leave the lounge and head to flight SQ 286 where my second adventure of the day will take place. I would be trying out Singapore Airlines business class seat for the first time on board their Boeing 777-300ER, and I was surely excited. I couldn’t stop smiling to myself as I walked towards the gate, recalling silly adventures and how beautiful New Zealand had treated us in that short span of 2 weeks, but I know I’ll be back for sure in the near future. For now, I’ll just shove that final piece of cookie in my mouth that came with the cappuccino and smile even wider as I make plans for my next adventure.