Air Miles. One of the easiest ways to snag a first class ticket to your dream destination without breaking the bank. After collecting and hoarding them for a couple of years, it was time to finally cash out. Destination? New Zealand. Carrier? Singapore Airlines.

I couldn’t have been more excited as i headed to the airport on the day of departure. Expectations were running high, very high. We arrived in Kuala Lumpur International Airport and headed to the check in counter. Dropped off our luggage, and got a hold of our tickets. Or golden tickets as I’d like to call it. The coveted Suites by Singapore Airlines. The excitement definitely caused a spike in blood pressure as I felt my heart pounding excitedly against my chest.

Golden tickets. KLIA SilverKris Lounge.

As announcements were made to board SQ 107 to Singapore, swirls of wondrous thoughts started filling my head on what the flight would be like. Would it exceed my expectations? Would I pass out from sheer joy? Or have I grossly overhyped myself to be let down? Ahhh, but alas that would have to wait. Before boarding the superjumbo Airbus A380 from Singapore to Auckland, first we had to get to Singapore. Welcome on board Mr Khoo, travelling on business today? please follow me to seat 14A. I smiled gleefully at the flight attendant. Trying to compose myself to not break out in a dance which would have probably gotten me deplaned. A welcome drink, magazines & newspapers were distributed as we awaited for push back.

The view outside.

Even for that short 1 hour flight to Singapore, meal service was top notch. Probably one of the tastiest sandwiches I’ve had in the skies. If this was what business class felt like, I was mentally preparing myself to be blown away by what first class would be. The captain soon announced our descend into Singapore. A light bump, and we taxied smoothly to the gate. As we deplaned, our next goal was to find out where The Private Room was.

Oh, the anxiety heightened as we followed the signboard as we drew closer to the ever mysterious Private Room. It was a lounge, within a lounge, that was within another lounge. Sort of like a matryoshka doll. We smiled and handed over our Private Room invites to the concierge. She grinned, her eyes perked up as she asked us to please follow her. I started staring around in adoration at the space of the around me, before realising it we crossed into the business class section. Pretty nice I said, but I knew it did not end there, down the corridor we went and there was a sign shimmering on the wall, FIRST CLASS. Still nope, onwards we continued with our journey down the corridor. Till we reached like what seemed the end of the airport, there it was written on the wall, THE PRIVATE ROOM.

The Private Room entrance.

She handed us over to another lady standing there, and bid us goodbye. Hello Mr Khoo she said, welcome to the private room. Again, I did not burst out in dance, though my insides were screaming with utter excitement and I could have probably high-fived her. She walked us inside the dining area, where waiters swooped in like ninjas and handed us menus as we took our seats.

The dining area. Now, where shall we sit?
Mini buffet area.
This spot looks good.
Table for four.

I couldn’t believe it, this was what the fuss was about flying first class with Singapore Airlines. Oh I could definitely live with this sort of fuss. Our holiday seemed like it had started in the dining room as we ordered.

When the menu weighs this much, you know it’s gonna be good. What shall we have?

Lobster linguine you say? 2 of that please. With the highly recommended satay to start with, we waited eagerly for our food. After stuffing ourselves silly, with an additional side order of a beef burger, it was time to do my walk about to explore the space.

Satay to start with.
Sautéed lobster with linguine.
U.S. prime beef burger with foie gras.

The decor screamed grandeur and classic elegance, and I’m sure that was the look that they were going for. There were work stations, baby rooms, family rooms, and probably enough space for the cast of cirque du soleil to hold a performance. The floor space was just massive.

News highlights.
View of the lounge from the business centre.
View of the lounge from the front.
Mini business centre. Mac & Windows.

We had 6 hours to kill before catching our connecting flight to Auckland, so ice cream first?

Coffee ice cream.
Another round of champagne before heading off.

With an hour left before embarking on our magical journey to Auckland, it’s time to freshen up with a hot shower. I wouldn’t want to risk being shunned at the gates for our disheveled looks, which was clearly the result from wolfing down every single thing in the dining room. After making sure sufficient hairspray was in place, with a spritz or two of cologne, it was time to board the might aircraft. As we entered the jet bridge to our plane, my heart started pounding again. The excitement, of flying first class for the first time almost put me into trance. Sheer happiness literally oozing out my pores as we got closer to the plane. Mr Khoo welcome on board, please follow me. We were greeted and escorted to our seats. I forgot the last time i felt this delirious, but the excitement was infectious, i was amused by every single thing at that point. Champagne came pouring as we got settled into our seats.

Ladies and gentleman, welcome on board Singapore Airlines flight 286 to Auckland. I smiled and thought to myself something wonderful was about to happen.