Malaysia Airlines has 3 separate lounges operating at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA). Last year I managed to visit the one in the main terminal, the Regional Lounge. Today, I’ll be popping by the flagship Satellite Lounge located in the Satellite terminal of KLIA which requires a short ride on the aerotrain from the main terminal.

The Malaysia Airlines Satellite lounge is located on the mezzanine floor, level 2 of the satellite building right above the aerotrain stop. Right after disembarking the train, just turn to the direction you came from and look up, you won’t miss it. You can make your way upstairs by using the escalators/elevators located on both sides after alighting.

View of the aerotrain from the Malaysia Airlines Satellite Lounge.

Accessing this lounge would require you to be flying in first/business suite/business class with Malaysia airlines, holding gold/platinum Enrich status, or holding emerald/sapphire one world status.

Passengers flying in business class or those who hold Enrich gold/one world sapphire status are invited to use the business class lounge. Passengers flying in first/business suites or those who hold Enrich platinum/one world emerald status are invited to use the business suite lounge, which MH used to call their first class lounge (I know, it’s confusing).

Golden Lounge Satellite entrance.
A small waiting area outside the lounge.
Front desk.

The lounge agents greeted everyone politely and welcomed all passengers and directed them to either the left or the right according. Today, we’re making a turn to left, the business class portion of the lounge.

Making a left turn after the front desk.

Down the little hallway on the way to the dining area there’ll be a bar area on the left side which offers views of the apron. Given that it was 7am there wasn’t anyone having a drink during that hour, and the bartender was just smiling at anyone who passes by.

A small corridor leading into the lounge.
Bar on the left side with views of the apron.

Once you find yourself in the main area of the lounge, you’ll notice on the immediate right that there’s a laksa/noodle bar area that MH is known for. Venturing in a little more you’ll realise the space is quite a large square layout, with most of the seating/working area being on the left and right side of the lounge. The food and beverage section occupies the centre area of the lounge with multiple islands, and the back area is where you’d find the dining area, family rooms, nap rooms, and the bathrooms.

Laksa/noodle dining area.
Laksa and other types of noodles are made to order.
Plenty of cafeteria style seating.

Towards the left side of the lounge is where you’ll find a huge space for lounging or grabbing that quick drink before heading off, or dreamily looking out the windows while killing the hours you have before making your connecting flight. Mostly just single seater armchairs with giant room length sofas in a row with a coffee table in between.

Plenty of seating areas.
Seating area near the windows.
Apron views.
Lots of room this morning.

Next up are the dining ‘islands’. The first island consists of mostly drinks where you’d find your infused water, fruit juices, soft drinks and so on. Next to it is where you’d find the main island where all meals are prepared. Hot breakfast options (at 7am), cold options, pastries and also a section where there’s a coffee barista. The third island is mostly for desserts, fruits, and a secondary drink station.

First island, where you’ll find drinks.
Infused water & fruit juices.

The main island was dishing out a ‘make your own nasi lemak station’ with a side beef rendang and sambal (my all time favourite) that morning. There’s also a regular selection of western options like sausages, beans and eggs and so on. There was a pretty large bread/pastry area where I found luscious flaky croissants. I had 4. Next to that is where you’d also find a waffle station.

Ah also to note there’s also a full coffee bar with 2-3 baristas taking your orders and giving you a timeframe on when to come back to pick up your drink.

The main island where all the yumminess comes from.
Waffle/pastry/bread & coffee station side of the island.
Sliced carbs. Yum.
Can’t go wrong with waffles for breakfast.
Hot flaky pastries.
Nasi lemak station.
Spotless clean kitchen.
Coffee bar.
Cookies to go.

The third island is where you’d find cold options such as sliced fruits, yogurts, little cakes, a secondary drink station and also a DIY espresso maker if you can’t be bothered to wait in line for your caffeine hit at the coffee bar.

Espresso maker.
Fruit and yogurt on ice.
They went really well with hot lattes.

Towards the back of the lounge are several partitioned areas leading to the bathrooms. You will find a family area room and also a nap room which features dim lighting and individual sleeper sofas identical to the one featured in the Regional Golden lounge in the main terminal.

Hallway towards the back of the lounge.
Family area.
Family area.

Towards the right side of the dining area/islands are more seating areas located in a somewhat slightly less noisy space than compared to the rest of the entire lounge due to heavy carpeting and thick upholstered armchairs. So if you’re looking for some peace and quiet, this is the place to be. The bar counter in this area of the lounge is also littered with USB plugs and power sockets should you need to charge up your gadgets.

View from the back.
Spacious seating.
Work table with USB/power sockets.
Ample space for everyone.

There’s one last area left to check out before catching our flight. The seating areas that are directly next to the floor length windows. It felt semi private there, as you have textured screens dividing up every 4 seats. I noticed that the waiters used an aircraft trolley to clear up used cups and plates which I thought was really cute. I’ve never seen anyone else use them before outside of an aircraft. Every coffee table in between the sofas provides either a USB charging port or a power socket. They alternate depending on where you’re seated.

An aircraft trolley is adorable outside of a plane.
Coffee or tea?
My favourite part of the lounge.
A good place to unwind.
USB ports in every alternating table.

So yes, to sum it up I would give this place an 8/10. There’s nothing worse for me than having a cramped lounge, and in this case the vast space available within the golden lounge is a win in my opinion. Food wise, there’s nothing too fancy, but it was adequate. I would definitely recommend coming here if you have access via status/class of travel.

Paying your way into the lounge would be a different story depending on the price offered. Every once in a while, MH sends out an email blast with offers for discounted paid lounge access to passengers flying in economy class which can be accessed here. RM 279 for pre booked rates vs RM 320 for walk in rates (as of August 2019). It’s a little steep in my opinion. You’re better off going to the Flight Club or the Plaza Premium Lounge as the prices are more reasonable or even complimentary with the right credit cards or Priority Pass/LoungeKey.

Passengers flying regionally or internationally will have access to both the regional/satellite lounge. It’s just a matter of where your boarding gate is located. If you have loads of time and arrive early, and find out that you’re departing from the main terminal, the effort to hop onto the aerotrain and head towards the satellite terminal might be just worth the effort and time as the food options are way better in my opinion.