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Plaza Premium Lounge Aerotel (Kuala Lumpur)

Kuala Lumpur International Airport Terminal 2, or also known as KLIA2 houses 5 airport lounges (as of April 2019) which are run by the Plaza Premium Group. If you’ve departed from KLIA2 before you’d know that it’s sort of a hybrid ‘low cost ‘airport which also houses a shopping mall inside. There are a couple of lounges past immigration on the airside, and also on the landside, in this case within the ‘mall’ itself.

Recently they’ve opened a transit hotel by the Aerotel group, which has a brand new Plaza Premium Lounge located right next to it. Interestingly, they also have another Plaza Premium Lounge located directly opposite the new lounge, also on the same floor at level 2M.

Plaza Premium Lounge (Next to Aerotel transit hotel)

There’s also a stand-alone bar located right at the entrance to the new lounge, should you just want to grab a quick drink of liquid courage before your flight.

The Bar.
It feels like a sports bar.

The latest lounge by the Plaza Premium Group is arguably the best lounge at the airport, even surpassing the always crowded Plaza Premium Lounge and very mediocre underwhelming space at KLIA1 (located in the satellite terminal) which most airlines use as a 3rd party lounge for premium passengers. I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food offerings available when I stepped inside. It felt like a reasonably good hotel buffet breakfast, even with a chef on standby at the egg station. You know the food is going to be good when there’s an egg station.

The entrance.

The dining hall is divided into 2 sections. On one side of the dining area is where you’ll find your substantial hot meals either prepared by the chef from the egg/noodle station or savouries taken from the food warmers. On the other side is where you’ll find most of your cold options such as bread, pastries, cereals, juices and salads.

Dining area overlooking the cooking station.
Egg and noodle station.
An omelette with extra cheese please!
Chicken sausages.
Garlic bread.
Fluffy French toast.
Secondary buffet area.
Pastries, cookies & preserves.
Flaky buttery croissants.
Gluten free options.
Cookies & cereals.
Walnut loaf.
Waffles & toppings.
Salad bar.
Assorted salad dressing & pickled fruits.

There’s also a drink station with fruit infused water, juices, milk, coffee and tea available in the middle of the 2 food areas. It isn’t a handcrafted cup of latte, but an espresso based coffee machine is always welcomed compared to powdered coffee from a sachet.

Fruit infused water & juice.
Coffee machine.
One serving of caffeine please.
Assorted BOH teas.
My omelette with extra cheese, topped with a grilled tomato.
My extra flaky and buttery croissant.
1 of many cups of coffee I had.

With my lip smacking breakfast done with, it’s time to go take a look around. Scattered outside of the dining area are also huge comfy single seater leather seats lining the windows overlooking the shopping mall. In between the seats under the side table is where you’ll find your power sockets equipped with USB charging slots, and they’re aplenty. At the back of the lounge is where you’d also find a meeting room that can be booked.

The lounge.
Leather seats by the windows.
Practically empty in the wee hours of the morning.
My seat for the next hour after breakfast.

Colour me impressed with the latest addition to the Plaza Premium Group. If you’re looking for the best lounge in KLIA2, look no further. This is the space to be if you’re famished and looking for a bite. The food offerings here are leaps and bounds ahead of whatever lounges you’d find elsewhere in the airport, and to me personally it even surpasses the choice of food that’s available in the SilverKris lounge located in KLIA1. In second place, would be my all time favourite Flight Club if I’m departing from KLIA1.

At the time of entry, complimentary access was granted by using my Maybank credit card, specifically the Visa Infinite. The lounge agents did specify that Priority Pass access was not yet granted for this particular lounge during my visit, but they were looking into allowing guests to gain access using LoungeKey very soon.

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