Welcome to Bohemia. After getting off the 4 hour train ride from Bratislava, we’re back in beautiful Prague. After checking into our gorgeous accommodation Avenue Legerova 19, it was finally time to eat. Like I mentioned in my previous Bratislava post, about the mouth watering Slovak cuisine, I had quite high expectations for Czech cuisine as well, although they seemed pretty similar after a little googling.

Our first pick of the evening after arriving back in Prague was Chilli Point. With raving reviews on TripAdvisor, we needed to try out how good the food was. It’s located right in the heart of the old town in the prime location of district 1. We were shown to our seats by the lovely hostess and she explained that the restaurant prides itself on all things chilli and spices.

I feel like I’m about to meet the Italian mafia.
Some warm bread to start with.
A small serving of pate.
Chilli con carne top blade steak with bacon, beans & chilli peppers.

The main course was absolutely delicious. Steak was cooked perfectly and the pureed beans and chilli accompanied the meat so well. It looks so pretty though, like a magic forest. She did warn us that it was going to be a little spicy since there were habanero and jalapeño peppers used in the sauce, but it was alright. The spicy ice cream for dessert was even spicier than this which confused the hell out of my taste buds.

Coconut semifreddo with mango, berries, peanut crumble and habanero chilli.

It’s definitely one of the most interesting desserts I’ve ever come across. Spicy ice cream with berries and peanut butter. Such a strange combination, but it works so well. After settling the bill, the hostess gleefully poured us each a shot of sweet alcohol before allowing us to leave the restaurant. I’d give this place a 9/10 for amazing flavours and unique concepts. A definite must try!

My second favourite eatery in Prague would be Lokál, they have a few restaurants all around the country but the one we visited is located in Dlouhá which is also situated in district 1 which is a short walk away from the old town. I actually heard about this place from a travel vlogger I follow on youtube, and decided to try it out, and judging on the online reviews, it seemed promising.

Lokál serves up classic Czech dishes at affordable prices in a very comfortable environment. Just be prepared to stand in line as peak hours can get a little hectic, we had to come back the next day as we didn’t want to wait in line. Go early for brunch or a late lunch and you should be good.

I was looking forward to trying out my first Czech dish and ordered a classic dish called Svickova, a beef sirloin steak in cream sauce served with a side of dumplings & cranberry sauce. It was delectable.

Lokál Dlouhá.
Aged fried cheese with tartar sauce. (who doesn’t love fried cheese)
Svickova, the highlight of my lunch.
Roasted pork shoulder with braised cabbage & a side of potato dumplings.
A frosty mug of Pilsner Urquell with extra foam to wash it all down.

With so much more to eat in Prague, I wished I came back here for a second time, but with so much to eat and so little time, it’s on to the next spot. If I lived in Prague I’d come back here everyday for its affordable prices and tasty food.

Another memorable spot we happened to chance upon was Pasta Fresca. We were wandering around the city pretty late and many of the restaurants were already closed, and we decided to just dine in the next available restaurant that was open. Boy did we make the right decision. A meal made out of bread, pasta and cakes. What’s not to love?

The supper crowd.
Roasted calamari with garlic, tomatoes & black olives.
Farfalle (bow tie) pasta with salmon.
Rigatoni pasta with slices of beef.
A generous slab of tiramisu.

If you ever find yourself wandering the streets of old town Prague after hours with hunger pangs, look no further than Pasta Fresca. The service was attentive and generous portions were served.

If ice cream is what you’re after. You can’t go wrong when you pay a visit to Amorino. Sure, it’s not a specialty of Prague, but there’s nothing wrong with treating yourself to a scoop of ice cream, or five. We saw this store while waiting for the bus after a long day of exploring Malá Strana and decided a feast was in order, the we can always grab the next bus. 5 scoops to split between 2 people sounds about right. The last time I had this was over a decade ago in Paris and I couldn’t wait to sample it again.

A gargantuan 5 scoop sundae.

Regrettably, I didn’t manage to capture much food pictures during our 5 day of a whirlwind stay in Prague. We sampled many food trucks, sandwich bars, cute cafe’s and charming restaurants but most of the time we were in a rush and pretty much inhaled everything before heading on to our next destination. Prague is not only rich in historical architecture, but the food scene is also pretty amazing.