With an extremely early flight to catch from Singapore to Tokyo with SQ 623, which has an 8am departure, we choose to spend the night in the airport itself after arriving from Kuala Lumpur the night before our scheduled flight the next morning. After searching for places to stay, I stumbled across an airport transit hotel within terminal 3 itself where we would depart from. The Ambassador Transit Hotel has 2 locations set up within Changi airport, located in terminal 2 and 3 respectively. If you’re flying in to Singapore for a transit flight this would be a good option to catch up on some sleep if you have a long layover.

The transit hotel does not require you to clear immigration if you’re travelling under the same ticket from point A to B, but unfortunately for us, we took a separate Malindo Air flight from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore, and our luggage will not be sent to our final destination in Tokyo. We had to clear immigration and recheck our bags with Singapore Airlines before reentering the transit area after clearing immigration again. Thankfully the efficiency of Changi airport lived up to its’ name, making everything such a breeze. The convenience that the transit hotel offers is quite valuable, as all you need to do is head to your boarding gate once you check out, and you’re good to go.

The hotel offers bookings in hourly blocks of 6 and 12. We choose to go for the 6 hour option, checking in at 11:45pm and checking out at 5:45am the next morning to grab some breakfast at the Silverkris lounge before catching our 8am flight to Tokyo. The map of the hotel can be found by clicking this link.

Located in a secluded and quiet corner of Terminal 3.

Checking in was a simple enough, all we needed to do was show our flight information, fill out a form and decide if we needed a wake up call from the staff 30 minutes before checking out, and we were sent to our rooms. The receptionist also gave us wi-fi passes, and informed us that all the necessary amenities such as toiletries, bottled water and coffee/tea making facilities would be in our room.

Lobby area in the hotel.
Down the quiet halls in search of our room.
Double occupancy set up.
Comfy beds and a quiet room.

For a 6 hour room there really isn’t more to ask for. A fully stocked bathroom with enough amenities, plush comfy beds, bottled water and most important of all, an eerily silent room despite the hustle and bustle going on outside in the terminal. This could easily pass as a regular hotel room instead of being located in an airport. I wouldn’t hesitate to book a room here again in the future if I do have an early flight to catch out of Changi airport.