With just enough time left to finish up a 15 minute massage in the NIA Business Lounge, it was time to get going and head to the boarding gate to catch flight OD 572 back to Kuala Lumpur. We arrived just in the nick of time for them to start boarding passengers in business class, and this was when the sprint began. I told myself I needed to get an empty shot of the cabin before everyone else boards, so I dashed down the empty aerobridge and before even stepping foot onto the plane the flight attendants were brimming with smiles welcoming me on board and showing me to my seat for the day, 3F. After that quick 20 seconds of snapping pictures of the empty plane, every else started to show up in the cabin. Made it just in time.

Economy cabin. Bright and clean.
12 business recliner seats in the front end of the plane.
Seats A & C.
Seats D & F.

After taking my seat and avoiding the stampede of other passengers flowing in, the flight attendant came around to offer newspapers and a beverage of choice between an apple or orange juice, apple please. There was also a small pillow and blanket waiting on every seat. The flight attendants were once again an absolute delight, smiling at everyone boarding and it created such a pleasant aura around the cabin. I knew it was going to be a great flight, just like OD 517 I took to Hanoi a week ago. A genuine smile and interest in passengers really goes a long way.

Chilled apple juice.

Flight OD 572 was scheduled to depart Noi Bai International Airport at 12:15pm and by 12:10pm we were already taxiing on to the runway, another plus point for on time departure. After the safety demonstration guide, we were ready to go.

Getting comfy for the 3 hour flight back home.
See you again Hanoi !
Up we go.

Leg room was also decent, nothing to complain about. On the flight to Hanoi, I managed to snag a bulkhead seat 1F, so that wasn’t an issue too. Ample space to stretch out, but then again I’m not the tallest person around. Amenity kits were soon given out, and they contained the same basic items as were distributed on the flight to Hanoi. Slippers, a comb, dental kit and an eye shade were included.

Decent amount of leg room.
Amenity kit, pillows and blanket.
Same contents as my flight to Hanoi.
The 11.1 inch touchscreen IFE.
Panasonic headphones, not the best out there. I decided to use my own.

The one thing I liked about the IFE is that it uses the regular 3.5mm headphone jack which means you can use your own with no problem. It also comes with a USB port on the screen itself if you need to charge your items, for bigger electronics that require more juice, a power socket is also available, which is located in between the seats next to the leg rest.

The crew started taking orders for lunch started from row 3. She addressed me by name, which was pretty impressive I thought. ‘Mr Khoo, for today we have 5 choices of meals for lunch, chicken with barbecue sauce, chicken with sweet and sour sauce, chicken with mushroom sauce, vegetarian option and rice with fish’. I’ll have the chicken with barbecue sauce please, and a diet coke too. My brother on the other hand, decided not to eat, but she insisted he have something, when he declined again, she said ‘why don’t I make you a fruit platter if you aren’t that hungry?’ Sure sounds good.

Gotta give her points for offering something not on the menu, and her initiative to set up a fruit plate was pretty commendable, I’m already loving the crew and their well intentions.

Barbecue chicken meal with a side of salad, bread rolls and carrot cake.
Fruit platter for my brother.
Ok, this looks pretty good.

When the fruit platter for my brother arrived I was actually really impressed. I wondered where did she get all the fruit from, and it’s a decent platter, not just an apple sliced into 10 pieces. Malindo Air you are really upping your game, now I wished I had gotten the fruit platter for myself.

After we were done with the meal, the crew came around to offer hot towels and she insisted she make me hot drink to end the meal properly. A cup of teh tarik please. Nothing like hot pulled tea after a hearty meal, it was probably a sachet made drink, but it was still pretty good.

Teh tarik & hot towel.
Time to recline and take a nap.

After that quick 1 hour cat nap, the captain made an announcement that we were going to start our descend into Kuala Lumpur International Airport. The crew soon showed up again to start collecting back the headsets, and to ask the passengers if they needed anything else before we land.

Getting ready for headset collection.
Such a great crew on this flight.

To sum it up, it was another excellent flight by Malindo Airlines, I wouldn’t hesitate to fly with them again. Especially at their low fares in business class which offers incredible value for regional flights around South East Asia. This flight costs just RM 699 for a return journey from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to Hanoi, Vietnam in business class. Don’t think there’s any other airline out there that offers such amazing fares which includes, lounge access, meals, spacious recliner seats and a generous 40kg baggage allowance.