As we were passengers travelling in business class with Malindo Airlines departing from Noi Bai International Airport in Hanoi, an invitation was extended to my family I to use the ACV business lounge before getting on our flight OD 572 back to Kuala Lumpur. The ACV/NIA business lounge is a contract lounge which also extends an invitation to a handful of other airlines flying in their premium cabins departing from Hanoi. After making our way through immigration, it was time to check out what this lounge had to offer.

Entrance to the ACV/NIA lounge.

There were also 2 notice boards on the left and the right side of the entrance listing other airlines eligible to enter this lounge. It is also to note that they do not allow passengers utilising their Priority Pass to gain access into this lounge (as of Jan 2018).

Passengers flying on these airlines holding status or flying in premium cabins are welcomed.
Passengers flying on these airlines holding status or flying in premium cabins are welcomed.

With so many airlines being able to access this lounge I was half expecting it to be packed full of people, but thankfully the space was rather large and finding a place to relax and dine was not an issue, and this was a departure on a Saturday afternoon.

The moment you step into the lounge you’re greeted by a large glossy marble reception area, with plenty of natural backlight since one side of the entire lounge had floor to ceiling windows which had awesome views of the tarmac. That alone was already a plus for me, being able to watch planes come and go while you dream of your next vacation. 

Reception of the business lounge.

Right after entering the lounge, on the right side you’ll find an area to store your baggage or hand carry items in lockers that are provided free of charge. Which is a nice touch, if you don’t want to lug around all your belongings when you go refuel in the lounge. Next to the lockers, there were a few massage chairs as well, which no one seemed to be using throughout my entire stay there, I did try it out for 15 minutes after grabbing a light snack. Nothing like a quick and forceful rub down after stuffing yourself silly.

Plenty of storage.
Massage chairs.

On the left side of the reception area is where you’ll find the other 90% of the lounge. A long walk way with plenty of seating options available, by the windows for tarmac views, in the dining hall, in the business centre, and anywhere that you’d fancy.

Straight ahead for the dining area.
Lounging area with soft plush leather seats.
Meeting centre.
Business centre facilities.
Love the natural lighting that the floor to ceiling windows provide.
View from the dining hall.

Food options that were available at the lounge were pretty decent, nothing to write home about but it was alright. A few hot options such as pasta, pastries, pho at the noodle station, and finger food aplenty. There was also a bar area which did serve a pretty good Vietnamese drip coffee, alongside various alcoholic beverages.

The bar area.
Buffet line.
Dining area.
Wished that there was a better set up for eating, instead of this really low table.
Featuring amazing views while you snack.

After grabbing some snacks and a couple of coffees it was time to just sit by the large windows and grab a view of the tarmac outside. The lounge did have some nice seats by the windows, and barely anyone was there. Right behind the buffet line is where you’d wanna be seated if you’d like to look at planes come and go, if you’re not in a rush.

Plush seats and a view, coffee optional.
The view of the main terminal from the lounge.
Got my coffee, and now it’s time to watch some planes.
First time seeing an Aeroflot plane, a beautiful 777-300ER.
Hello Korean Air ! Boeing 777-200.
My favourite A350 by Asiana.

It was actually a pretty nice space to linger at, given that I didn’t have much expectations coming into the NIA lounge. They also had a few shower rooms at the back of the dining area which I didn’t manage to get a shot off. For a lounge that offers the few necessary amenities such as locker storage, shower facilities, decent food options, massage area, and good views by the windows, I’d definitely recommend coming into this area for an hour or so to relax and freshen up before catching your flight out to your next destination. I seriously can’t enough of the unobstructed view of the runway and tarmac.