The very humble Sama-Sama Express Lounge is one of the few lounges you get to access to when flying with Malindo Airlines in business class when departing from Kuala Lumpur International Airport. This lounge could also be accessed by anyone for a small fee of RM 55.00 (as of Dec 2017), which in all fairness is a very reasonable price to pay if you’ve got a couple of hours to kill and want to laze about in a quiet space with unlimited coffee refills and to grab a hot shower. It is not accessible with the Priority Pass card if you’re wondering.

Upon checking in at the Malindo desk, you’re offered a small slip of paper alongside your boarding pass which has a list of a few places that you could use this ‘meal voucher’. You could choose to use it in the cafes or restaurants listed on the voucher for a cash value of RM 30. Instead I got curious and headed to check out the Sama Sama Express lounge as I’ve never been there or even seen it before. It’s located in the satellite terminal after taking the aerotrain. Upon disembarking head on to gate C5, and you’ll find it at the end of the terminal.

Lounge access & meal voucher.

The lounge was pretty much basic as I had expected, but hey I ain’t complaining, my flight costed just RM 699 return in business and it comes with lounge access. If there’s one thing that bothered me a little, it would be that the lounge was really dark. Dimly lit lights all around, but the service was actually pretty good. The front desk waived us through, and we got comfortable in the little space.

Entrance to Sama Sama Express Lounge.
A place to hang your coats & 2 iMacs on the right side which i suppose represents their business centre.
A humble lounge with probably 12-15 tables.
Quite corner.

There was probably less than 10 people inside, but the staff were all smiles upon our arrival. There was a little drink corner with fruit juices, a coffee station, salad bar, bread station and hot buffet options to choose from. I was quite surprised that there was an egg station where they had made to order egg dishes to choose from. Got myself a big plate of nasi lemak with some freshly fried chicken and eggs, and started gulping down my breakfast with some coffee and guava juice.

Nasi lemak, happiness on a plate.
The very small salad bar options.
Fruits and biscuits.
Bread station.
Espresso machine.
Little buffet section with hot options.
The very dark dining hall.

After lingering around for 30 minutes or so, and having one too many coffees, it was time to make it to our gate to catch our flight out to Hanoi. I was actually pleasantly surprised at the offerings of the humble lounge. Would I pay to enter? Probably, if I didn’t have access to other lounges with shower facilities, or if I had a couple of hours to kill before catching my next flight out. For the price of RM 55.00 I would say it’s a solid fare to grab a hot shower and some decent food. Plus, the lack of people make it a pretty relaxing and quite place to wait for your next flight out.